It's a revolution

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The desire for freedom is a universal right and value. Therefore, all freedom seekers in the world should be with the people of Iran and be their sure there are lots of people throughout the country who do empathize with the family knowing full well the depth and sadness this loss brings, and the burden drawn out of trying to bring justice for the injustice done. Many warm hearts go out to the family knowing all to well all the feelings of grief, sadness, and anger for the murder of a beloved family member. It is too much to ask a family to bear. No one deserves this kind of pain. No one should have to go thru this kind of loss

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  • To be honest since the earliest days most religions have been anti complete freedom. They have rules and traditions and customs that in the name of god establish a hierarchy. Its not god who makes the decisions its these people in power. They disguise their own words as the words of god to exercise control. Throughout history a lot of people suffered due to this. However now we, the commoners, have a nuke of our own, the social media. Since the "cancel culture" is so popular we might as well is it to do some good. Do you think if a couple million people start demanding freedom from religion, anyone can deny them. In most countries it has been successful but not all. We should all raise our voice wherever we see oppression in the name of religion and make sure enough people do so. We need to make ourselves heard to make a real impact. Instead of choosing what someone wrote as rules a thousand years ago in the name of god, we should follow our own rules, our own moral compass and our own judgement.