The Gift of Choice

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Hello from Romania! I'm here to tell you more about the problems Iran are facing currently in their country so that we can try find a way to stop them. But maybe we shouldn't do anything? Hm, that is interesting. We will talk about this later. I will say one thing though, I am glad that the world has started to talk about this because young women are dying and this is not okay.

There has been much debate over the death of Mahsa Amini, a young girl who did not wear her hijab properly according to the morality police. Some say that she died of a heart attack and others say her death was suspicious and that maybe the police beat her too much. I could believe this because she is not the only one to have died under "unknown circumstances". As I read in this article: "Iran: Deaths of Detained Protesters Raise Concerns of Ill-Treatment" - and it seems like moral issues may be affecting more than just women:

"during the 2017-2018 protests reported that Sina Ghanbari, a 23-year-old man from Tehran, died in the “quarantine” ward of Evin prison in Tehran under “unknown circumstances.” As you can see, this man died during the protests under "unknown circumstances", but then in another paragraph it says "authorities told her that police arrested Ghanbari and handed him over to judicial authorities, and that he committed suicide while in detention." So this may suggest that men are also facing these issues in Iran. Listen, I'm not trying to stop talking about women. I'm really not. I'm just saying that this issue is affecting everyone!

Back to Mahsa Amini and the hijab, I want to mention that not every woman wants to get rid of the hijab because for a lot of them it is traditional and it is a part of their religion. It is something they do, their mums did, their grandmas and so on. However, I do think that this should be optional and I think that a lot of women in countries like this may not have considered this because it is something that is being forced on them. So maybe it's good that people spoke out.

So as I said, should we talk? Yes I think we should. If the women in Iran weren't brave enough to talk then who knows what would have happened. Now the world is watching Iran and I hope that something can be done about this. We don't let school bullies get away with things so why should we let people who kill? These women want one thing and that is choices. Something that I wish we could all have.