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I think it's so important that you talked about mental health because our generation are really... APPROPRIATION OVER APPRECIATION: The Time To Make Right Choices 13/12/22
We're only human, everybody makes mistakes. It's not about the mistakes you make but about the... Should a leader make mistakes? 12/12/22
I agree because if you are going to lead a country then you need to be respected and you can't... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 12/12/22
I'm not sure about what you said here: "To celebrate diversity we must mold the character with... Character development of diverse characters. 08/12/22
Hello! I'm from Romania. Romania is a fish shaped country in Europe. We have fo lots of... Meet our…school communities! 28/11/22
Hello from Romania! We study English and we learn a lot about British culture. I think it's very... Meet our…school communities! 28/11/22
Hi Alice! Thank you for your reply. Yes I do think that they should have boycotted the Qatar... Controversy in Qatar! 23/11/22
I think that two topics that have a link to each other are the Black Panther one and UK... Competition #4 Connecting topics 23/11/22
There has definitely been a lot of racism against black people which the world is now... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 23/11/22
I think that films and social media can really change our image about people of colour because... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 22/11/22
I think that this controversy is kind of okay because it is kind of weird because even if you... Controversy in Qatar! 21/11/22
I replied to zestful_deer in the space conversation . He/she totally changed my mind because I... Competition #3 Global discussion 16/11/22
I agree because... trends seem to be so much faster these days because of the way things move so... Who is responsible? 14/11/22
In my opinion, there are big and serious problems caused by fast fashion. First of all, small... Who is responsible? 14/11/22
I think that the most shocking thing that happens is that women are doing the same or even more... Gender inequality: have your say! 09/11/22
Emigration is a really big problem in Romania. We are the country with the highest number of... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 09/11/22
I agree especially because I know that unfortunately even in our days not all people can read.... Protest songs: what would you choose? 07/11/22
I agree because we discussed this quote from the UN in class too. And our teacher is from... Protest songs: what would you choose? 07/11/22
I think that exploring space has been really helpful for developed countries because ill people... Space innovations: what do you think? 02/11/22