The World Corrupted Iran or Iran corrupted itself?

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The hot topic of Iranian Government misrule indicates admonition for the Global Nations and residing Muslims in the country. Nonetheless, everything squares back to one question, 'from where did it all start'? Back to the beginning, during the protests in Iran about Mahsa Amini's brutal murder case for not wearing Hijab is critically unjustified. I am not a Muslim, but preferably a human above every religion. Undoubtedly, Hijab is a great way of showing ultimate respect towards Muslim culture. However, in Iran, the government has transformed this into an oppressive rule.


The Iranian Government brutally used Muslim Culture as a weapon to transform Iran into a complete one-rule dictatorship country. On the contrary, they missed a prominent factor of the economic, social and political status of Iran. After the Gender Inequality issue, the Iranian government suffered a great loss in every sector of political, social and economic sectors.

Analyse Iran's Rules carefully:

  • 1. Women have to cover their heads using Hijab
  • 2. Despite people's rule, the Iranian Government feels that citizens have no say in their decisions.

Does it serve anything for their growth in the near future? Absolutely no! Iran disregarded the long-term future goals and rather imposed oppressive rules which had a deteriorating impact on Iran. My Topical Talk Peers have also said that as Global Citizens we all have a MASSIVE role to play when it comes to Political Issues.

Upbeat_bufallo: Boutcher CofE Primary B from the United Kingdom have a well-woven fact to their thought

"I think that the rest of the world should also speak out because we also have the responsibility as global citizens to make sure that everyone is treated the same whether they are men or women. l also think that the Government should let women have a choice about if they wear a hijab or not. A good start would be to have more women in parliament in Iran. Maybe if we protest in the streets too the Iranian Government will see what they are doing and see how many lives they are affecting. This is the responsibility of men as well as women!"

'A Plan backed by action reaps the sweetest fruit'. Apart from spreading awareness, all we have to inculcate in our lives is 'A Change from our homes/schools/community' to restrict ourselves from making our voices suppressed.

As my Topical Talk Peers, I want you all to meticulously analyse these questions and have a say about them!

  • 1. If you were to be a citizen of Iran, would you have done something in the case of Mahsa Amini?
  • 2. Analyse your government, is it taking the same steps as the Iranian Government? If not, then how is it better?
  • 3. Do you agree when I say 'Iran corrupted itself and dug its own grave'?

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  • This is not fair. Our true Islamic religion is not harmful, nor is it wrong. The government is not fair. The truth is that every Muslim, Christian and Jew, or of all religions, knows women should be free to make their decisions. This constitutes a threat to the country and society as a whole... Every child, woman, man, and the elderly also have rights.

    1. I absolutely agree because... I do feel that government is getting wrong here since Iran is indeed a beautiful country with different religions which compliments the country even more. However, it lacks just a great government to emphasise more on people’s sovereignty and demands.

  • Yes, I agree that Iran has corrupted itself and dug its own grave. Iran does not follow the approach of the Islamic religion, but rather tries to impose its control over other religions. This does not represent Islam. Islam has always respected all religions and gave freedom of worship. In my country, Article 18 of the Palestinian Basic Law stipulates "freedom to practice religious rites and worship." In my homeland, Muslims live with Christians in peace and love, unlike Iran, which imposed patrols known as the Morality Police in 2005, which arrests those who do not. He wears Islamic dress like what happened with Mahsa Amini and many other women, and this is totally contrary to our religion, Islam gave freedom to all. If I am an Iranian citizen, I will not be silent about the issue of Mahsa Amini, but I will try to shed light on it so that this law and many other unjust laws are changed