This is not the end, but the beginning

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


This is not the end, but the beginning of a woman's life, the beginning of her freedom. This is my response to fascinating_panda_bear when he said, "Well, it happened. Women in Iran finally stood up for themselves and said what had to be said." The story of Mahsa Amini's death in Iran showed the injustice that women are subjected to in Iran because of the government that practices injustice against them in all its forms, including ignorance, oppression, and clothing. Women in Iran are subject to laws that oblige them to wear what they do not want, such as hijab and long clothes, without their will, otherwise their fate will be like that of Mahsa Amini, but women there after her death showed their strength and courage and revolted against the government, and here they are trying to do what they want to take their freedom.

Also, this conveyed to the women of other countries and their governments that women have the freedom to do what they want and to wear what they want, and no one has the right to impose laws on them, and I believe that the government should not prevent women from choosing what they want to wear because it would be fair For women to be equal in all countries of the world, and also not to prevent religious women from their rights, as France did, as it fights those who wear the veil and robs them of the right to education and treatment In the end, I want to say that everyone is human and has rights, so the government should not take away the rights of women, whether it is clothing, work, education, etc., and their equality with men.