What does a woman's future in Iran look like?

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The Iranian government is enforcing strict Islamic law. This all started kicking off when a women who went by the name of Mahsa Amini was killed on the 16th September 2022 because the Iranian morality police said that she was “improperly” wearing her hijab and so arrested her and possibly killed her. They say that she suffered a cardiac arrest, yet eyewitnesses say that she was brutally beaten by them. In response to this act, women and men of all ages are protesting against this.

Annalena Barbock, the minister for foreign affairs in Germany, said “Those who beat up women and girls on the street, are on the wrong side of history,” many would agree with this. Police are supposed to help us, not make us suffer. Children in schools are even protesting as a result of this brutality. An example of this is that boys at school are writing under benches in the school premises as an attempt to spread the word that this is not right - this is their form of protest.

Police in Iran have attacked multiple schools trying to arrest school girls that are protesting and many protesters have been killed in reaction to this act.

I strongly disagree with what morality police have done to Mahsa Amini; it is very wrong. Women do have the right to protest against these terrible acts.

I feel that people should have the right to speak out about this subject as many would agree what happened to Mahsa Amini is very wrong and every woman, not just in Iran but everywhere, deserves an apology and change. If we want this to happen, we have to know that it is our responsibility to speak out and make a difference. I hope women in Iran have a better future, they need our help.

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