How space exploration can lead to a positive human future

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Hi, today we are talking about how space can lead to a positive human future.I think we should look into how space exploration could help humans in the future.

The earth is affected by the people that live on it due to air pollution,soil pollution,ocean pollution. We can try to help to clean the environment by inventing into space products that use trash as fuel/power to help the environment.

I think we should invest in space technology to help the environment.we can do these by inventing in rockets that can see where there is bad air/air pollution and right a report on it and send people to help clean that area and help that environment.We can also hire some volunteers to collect as much trash as they can over the period of 100 days and how ever collects the most trash can get a reward to motivate people to do there best and collect alot of trash and then after that we send all the trash to the sun.

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  • Space exploration benefit humans, The direct benefits of exploration include the generation of scientific knowledge, the diffusion of innovation and creation of markets, the inspiration of people around the world, and agreements forged between the countries engaged in exploration , also human activities in space having influenced life on Earth in a number of ways. Satellite communications, Earth observation, applications of space technology and the knowledge gained from space exploration are some of the most profound ones.Space exploration allows us to prove or disprove scientific theories developed on Earth. example, Studying the solar system, has brought us insights into such phenomena as gravity, the magnetosphere, the atmosphere, fluid dynamics and the geological evolution of other planets.Also space has change our lif ,since The technologies behind inventions like portable vacuum cleaners, blankets, invisible braces, and many more, were first discovered by solely for space exploration. Other technological advancements pioneered by space research include cardiac pumps, artificial limbs, the Internet, and the camera sensors.