Is space important to us?

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I feel like space is essential because, without space projects and ideas, we wouldn't be able to have such good technology that helps with our daily lives. I feel that space exploration benefits us because it protects us from danger and improves our daily lives and how we live throughout our lives. Space will eventually affect our lives, and have something new to discover new resources and new technology and explore new parts of our universe. When the future comes around, old space innovations will probably be inspirational for new space innovations because it will help space inventors to resemble and upgrade old space innovations into new space innovations. When new space innovations come to play, it will be essential to know and discover our universe because, as of today, we only know and uncover 5% of our universe and when new space technology and space innovations come in, we will be able to discover more and more of our world and eventually know all about our world.

Space, where astronauts in space sacrifice their lives to go to space area, has radiation exposure levels. If exposed, it could cause severe health risks like cancer space researchers to need more research about how to survive the radiation from space or to have immunity. Maybe that is why space engineers are building spacecraft and space drones to collect resources or data to protect against radiation so they can take astronauts into space again.

The question is

How is space infinite?

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  • Space go on forever since the shape of space. Our part of space, or the observable universe, has a special shape: it is flat. That means if you and a friend each had your own rocket ship and you both took off and travelled in a straight line, forever and forever, you would never meet.
    Is there a limit for space?
    In my opinion There's a limit to how much of the universe we can see. The observable universe is finite in that it hasn't existed forever, also according to Einstein's General Relativity, which is our best current description of space and time, the only place where time – and also space – ends is in a so-called singularity. This involves gravitational forces becoming so intense that space and time lose all meaning.