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In my opinion, space is the perfect word to describe our future. It has been proven that every star expands with time until it becomes a red giant then explodes and the sun is no different. It has been estimated that in approximately 2.5 billion years that the sun will expand enough to swallow the first four planets before eventually exploding. So, this information makes it clear that at one point we will need to leave this planet.  

This topic tells us that the whole human race is affected because like I said, it is our future. Some people might think that we do not need to find another planet and that we should protect Earth, but this is not going to work because even if we survive the explosion, we will not have the sun and therefore it will be impossible to stay on Earth. Some people think only the rich and important people should be allowed to go to space. However, I disagree with this because everyone should be allowed to go to space so that we can save humanity. People have a lot of different opinions and ideas, but only time will tell which idea is the right one. But one thing is for sure, that we cannot remain here. And when we do leave this planet, we should all be able to.

In conclusion, space is our future. Not only to avoid the sun’s destruction but also because asteroids and meteoroids are mostly made of silver and metal which we can use for materials, and we need these materials even if the sun will eventually destroy our Earth or maybe a black hole will enter our solar system, or a Gamma-ray burst aims at us. With all this information, I really cannot see the future of humanity on Earth. Maybe the future is on a gigantic spaceship, but we can never be too sure of what is going to happen. Only time will tell.

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