Space: a positive human future? Maybe!


This topic really catches my interest when it comes to learning, its amazing just to think about living in space!

Elon Musk (The pitcher of the electric car, Tesla) is creating a space hotel and expects it finished by 2050!Very soon, if you compare it to when the first working plane was invented by the Wright Brothers.It would be spectacular and very different to our everyday lives.

There are many perspectives upon this choice of topic for example a classmate says,"It would be important to live in space considering we are having many climate crisis', if we are able to live on other planets,we could live there instead of Earth with lots of dangers." Another classmate says,"It would be very strange because we wouldnt have everything we did like regular food, houses and there would be no use in money"

My thought on it is that it would be very dangerous since we dont know about extra terrestarial life on other planets and other dangers yet, but it would be very cool indeed.

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