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THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CONDUCTED FOR AND THROUGH SPACE EXPLORATION HAS REPEATEDLY LED TO LIFE CHANGING INNOVATIONS FOR EVERYONE ON EARTH .Overcoming the challenges of working in space has led to many technological and scientific advances that have provided benefits to society on Earth in areas including health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, energy and environment, information technology, and industrial productivity. In many aspects this technology helps people in day to day life aspects .The technology like CAT scans , Water purification system, Land mine removal , Camera phones , LEDs , Athletic shoes, Memory foam , Foil blankets, Duster Busters, Scratch-resistant lenses ,Ear thermometers ,Home insulation ,Wireless headsets, Freeze dried food, Artificial limbs , Ballpoint pens , Computer mouse and Baby formula. CAT scans plays a major role in providing detailed information to diagnose ,plan treatment for and evaluate many conditions in adults and children. During world war many countries placed mines which is danger to people who are living now are identified and removed by land mine remover . In many places we don't have best drinking water with the water purification system we are able to drink pure water . The people who are lost their legs due to accidents and many reasons they are able to walk with artificial limbs .When we try to explore space more we may face many hard situation these situation makes us to create new technology and innovation which also helps us in day to day life in many aspects. As we explore space more and more it is making us to think in a way that how we can manage critical situations in space as when we are in earth we can solve and manage difficult situation and may not. so that when we explore space it's made us to innovate new things which can help us in many situations .


Space technology improved our lives in many aspects in that the best thing is launching satellites helps us to compute latitude , longitude , altitude , and even time in an efficient way . Satellites that circle the globe provide the most accurate weather reports and warn us of impending storms; they monitor our climate every day, helping to track increasing rates of climate change and its effects, such as rising seas and changing moisture levels, wildfires and atmospheric changes and so on .


Space exploration fuels our children's curiosity and imagination. Role models like astronauts inspire students to dream, and consequently, achieve their goals. Many astronauts, engineers, scientists and innovators remember watching the Moon landing as kids and being motivated to work their dreams.