Space is another world

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here are many things in outer space that man is ignorant of and has not yet discovered, but he has discovered many other beautiful things, and to this day, scientists have not lost their ambitions to go to space. Really? Did they go? Yes, they went to space and discovered life on Mars, and now they started planning for something bigger that amazes humanity. Some of those who went to the moon succeeded by returning to the earth and the reason. They went to the moon. They saw the stars, the sun and the planets. What a beautiful view from up close. Free in space, it destroys anything in front of it, and it happened and the vehicle was destroyed, and the disaster was that the poor man would not return to his land because the vehicle was destroyed, and inevitably their fate was death because they had run out of oxygenAnd now scientists have become smarter, they may take a small spare boat with them, and there is another problem, it is the black hole, it swallows everything around it, and destroys many things in space and to stop this hole it must be brought close to the surface of the earth because its mass is inversely proportional to the surface gravity of the hole, imagine that you are a scientist You traveled to space, what would you do?

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  • Outer space is not completely empty-it is a near perfect vacuum containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium, as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, and and cosmic rays.

  • Space :
    Space is silent because there is no air. Plants cannot live in space. They need water or air. We cannot measure or weight things in space because there is no gravity.
    The temperature is too hot or too cold. So, space is not the best place for humans.
    Since 1957, hundreds of earth satellites and space vehicles have been sent into space. There are now weather satellites to foretell the weather. There are also communication satellites to send television programs and telephone calls from one continent to another.
    Space machines were launched to Venus and Mars to send information about them.