Space: Is it worth going?

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Space is a outer world where no living species can survive. Although the dark void is empty with no oxygen, we can go to space using a astronaut suit. These suits will supply you with a limited storage of oxygen as you venture through the nothingness. However many things can be found in space such as galaxies, satalites, planets and more. Space may seem a fun thing to explore, however space is a dangerous place to go, risking going to space with no learning and no training. You will die to extreme cold temperature, lack of oxygen or float off to space. There are many that come to our Earth to end our lives, like block holes, asteroids and meteors. Speaking of them, did you know that millions of years ago, a large meteor crashed into Earth, killing all the dinosaurs. Today scientists still try to bring back the extinct animals. Space is not only fun and deadly, it could be benefical. On planets like Earth we find many useful resources that we use to improve our future. Space companies like NASA use satalites to find any life on planets or search for resources we don't have. Yet still to this day we still try finding life in space.

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  • But don't you think that risk is required to reach a great goal? Exploring space is important and useful. We start by sacrificing things that can be compensated, and then we venture without taking risks. The first to go out into space was the dog Laika, then humans followed.