Space Research

Space research, a field of study with vast mysteries. Many think it is neccesary, while others believe the opposite. It's crucial to learn the benefits and consequences of space research and exploration to humanity. Would the consequences outweight the benefits, or vice versa?

According to Mr. Andres, he believes space advancement is too slow and the time has not come to do research outside our planet. It takes millions or even billions of U.S. dollars to make equipment for space research. Mr. Andres believes that right now this is a waste of resources.

As opposed to Mr. Andres, Mrs. Finch believes that with more dedication and work ethic, space research and exploration would be very beneficial to humanity. She believes that space researchers are rushing to complete tasks.

Personally, I believe Mr. Andres' statement is accurate. Though space research has discovered many things about the sky above us, such as constellations or planets, none have been truly beneficial to human life. My belief is that technology needs to evolve in order for there to be successful space research projects. All in all, my opinion is space research needs to be delayed.

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  • Honestly, I do not agree with you. I completely agree with Mrs. Finch. The discovery of space is very important to humanity. For example, the search for a planet began so that humans could live on it. It was found that Mars might be suitable. Scientists began to research the matter, and they also transferred soil from Earth to Mars to see if it was suitable for cultivation.. And we really need another planet to accommodate a large population. I think if this was delayed, people would lose hope of surviving for a long time.