Space: The Most Special Topic.

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My topic, space, is what i'll be introducing because I find it to be extremely important. Space is an important topic to me because it can have a lot of cool, interesting, but also dangerous things that most people need to know about. For example asteroids, gas, giants, and blackholes. That's why in this standpoint, i'll tell you why space is a fascinating topic. For me, space has always been interesting to me, even when I was little. Space is so large that who couldn't be interested.

Space has a clear affect on everyone, because anything can happen in space and it could be beneficial or extremely dangerous, I feel like people aren't very worried about space even though it's a crucial topic for everyone to understand. Different people would say " Space is not interesting to me" or " Space is too big to be actually observed fully." which I totally agree with. Space is boring in some cases and it is very large, but there still many interesting things about space that people underate, for example exoplants, the ozone, oxygen and more are things that humanity needs to survive in conditions today.

Still with that, Space is still an amazing thing we need, not only is it interesting, we need it in our lives, all of ours. Without space, there would be no earth, no solar system, no galaxy, or no universe. Since the Singularity is the only plausible theory in my opinion that's not inconclusive about the start about the universe, without life, nothing would remain nothing, and you'd be pretty much nothing in a void.

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  • I think space is fun and good for the world. When I talk about space, I find that it is very accurate, although it is very large. Gravity has a specific amount. If it increased or decreased, there would be no space. Planets have specific paths. If a planet deviated and collided with the Earth, it would be destroyed, as well as asteroids. If they collided with the Earth, they would also be destroyed. There are many questions that we do not know the answers to. We must search for those answers.