What will we use to observe the depths of space in the future and how will we do it?

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It is clear that we have advanced a long way in science. Scientists have been studying space for some time now too, and they have already seen things like a small 'observable' part of the universe. We still don't even know how they managed to see things like these different galaxies, different looking stars with different functions and features, along with different moons and other dwarve planets, They could give you the exact size and almost every portion of information about the phenominal things they have discovered. Scientists may be advancing now with technology and engineering, but just think about the technological advances we may have in the future.

Scientists have found out the layers of the earth and such. In the future, they may find more of the things in the universe that are yet to be explored. Our technology has increased and we are learning new things.

The A.I systems they use are also great for observing the things humans cannot, and scientists can take more advantage of this than ever. You can see examples of things like this in movies like iron man, buzz lightyear, Dune, Star wars, Ad Astra, Martian, etc.

These also show us our technological advances that are used for going to space, using the features of space to advantage, and going to space to gather new information with the technology advances.

Technology is a priority and is needed for society. WIthout technology, we would not know most of the things we do today.

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