Why didn't we go back up to space

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One of the most terrifying places for some people, but it is one of the most wonderful places for other people. Space is really amazing. The spaces and trillions of objects in it and billions of galaxies are very difficult for the human mind to imagine.
Welcome to this article and I will talk about space.
I am the first to visit space was a dog in a space rocket.
And the last human trip went to the moon in 1972 AD, and after that until now that many years have passed, no human trip went there and of course it did not stop here, but there were probes and machines to space, but human trips have stopped and there must be reasons about That and here in this article we will talk a little about it.
Why, despite this scientific progress, NASA did not return to the moon again?
To understand why human trips to the moon have stopped since 1972, we need to know why the Americans decided to travel to the moon for the first time?!, Is it for the sake of scientific research and benefiting people?
Of course it does indeed to prove its supremacy to the world!
Because after the end of a great cause, the international economy became violated, so America wanted to prove its existence.
And she was trying to race the world, so one of these races was to climb the moon
_ To send humans to space again, and this will affect the country's economy and its collapse.
_ Trips that go by machines do not affect, and they are relatively easy and do not have great risks, unlike humanity, as they require a lot of money and great effort. Security precautions are provided very carefully, such as: maintaining the vehicle’s temperature, pressure, protection from radiation, and the provision of oxygen, food and water throughout the journey. All these things complicate the journey that carries a human being.
Fear of a missile explosion
In the end, I want to tell you about a solution to a problem that I thought about a lot.
It is assumed that the space agencies now see that all the money that was spent was an irrational consumption of money and technology, or in other words, it can be used in a better way, so how is that?
_ He could have built a complete project that would allow people to be transported to space by a similar means, and the means of transportation would go constantly and come back constantly and sustain it
In the end, is space for you something terrifying or something amazing? If you were nominated to be one of those who will go out on a trip with NASA to space, would it consist of supporters or opponents?

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