Doctors in Ukraine

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The shortage of doctors is a problem that we must believe, because it affects everyone. But in Ukraine and in the shadow of the war between Russia and Ukraine, there are many doctors in Ukraine, but with this war it did not make them doctors because of the bombing they are exposed to in their areas, and the anxiety they are exposed to and the large number of wounded that made them tired a lot and work for hours Long, which led to the emergence of diseases in the doctors themselves.

Otherwise, medical students began to flee to better living countries, which led to calling Doctors Without Borders, an organization that helps all poor countries and provides emergency relief in the event of an armed conflict, natural disaster or epidemic. Doctors Without Borders teams are still in Ukraine and are trying to keep pace with war developments and the number of wounded, and are working to deliver the necessary materials for the work of doctors Under these conditions, the importance of the doctor has emerged, as there are many, many dead and injured, due to the war and the lack of conditions that help doctors to perform their work to the fullest.