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I liked your point of view and your vision of the subject on the grounds that it is something... Shortage of doctors 12/12/22
I have learned to overcome failure and making success is the main goal of your success in life,... Competition #7 Expert learning 12/12/22
We do all the activities in the class, but the topic that caught my attention is the food... Competition #6 Favourite topic 07/12/22
I agree with the results of the short test and they were as follows: You will work as an... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 28/11/22
I will ask you the question of Dr. Kenneth Harris, which is can the local and global community... ...Dr Kenneth Harris, our STEM expert from NASA! 27/11/22
Most people wear sunglasses at home or at the beach, so there are many people who wear them at... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 27/11/22
In my opinion, recycling food and using it as a natural fertilizer is the most appropriate way... Expert challenge: what could you do? 22/11/22
Nice question. I have read many books that talk about space and articles that talk about the... Space: a positive human future? 18/11/22
I really thought that the discovery of space is not important for humans, and I did not know... Space: a positive human future? 18/11/22
It will benefit my country financially and raise its social status Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 18/11/22
I believe that athletes should not be allowed to claim political statements in all events unless... Sport and politics: do they mix? 17/11/22
If I could host it, it would be a coincidence, but the circumstances that my country is going... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 17/11/22
I joined the discussion of the Black Panther: Representation and Diversity in the subject of the... Competition #3 Global discussion 17/11/22
I believe that seeing diversity in films is important, as people can see the customs and... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 15/11/22
I feel sorry for what is happening in nature, all this affects the living beings of humans,... Climate reporters! 11/11/22
Sustainable aviation fuel can be used Once the fuel is sourced from renewable sources, it is... Are COP events sustainable? 10/11/22
These days, I think that one of the biggest problems facing humanity at the present time is air... Get creative, save the planet! 10/11/22
First, the Palestinian economy faces many challenges, mainly represented by the Israeli... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 10/11/22