Solutions to doctor shortages

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  • You say one solution would be to lower the grade requirements for medical courses. What could some of the negative consequences be for this?

    1. Some of negative consequences could be shortage of well trained doctors but that can as well be solved in a way that despite their low grades they are given chance to take the course and on top of that giving them internships in medical centres so that they can at least get exposed to being a doctor and after all that they are given a test and if they still get low grades then there they should be recommended to something else but in line of health because they may fail to be a doctor but due to that exposure in their internships they may atleast find other medical courses that they are actually good at.

    2. If the grade requirements for medical l courses are lowered the country will have have very unskilled doctors and there will be high risks of people's death when we have unskilled doctors because they may not know the exact prescription of medicine to give the patients. So I think instead of lowering the grade requirements why shouldn't the country employ well trained doctors from outside countries to come and train these ones so that they can understand easily and finally can be entrusted to work on patients. It can also buy and improve on the medical training equipment because people find it difficult to learn without the required equipment and these future doctors have to be well versed with the practical section when learning medicine but that won't be possible if the equipment aren't there. The country should also increase on the salaries of the people who teach medicine this will help them add in more effort while teaching so that they can get the grades that are required for the medical courses. The government should also increase the salaries of the doctors and this will motivate these ones that are still learning to work hard and get the required grades so that they can take up the medical courses. So there won't be need of lowering the grade requirements for the medical courses.

  • I agree because... For the negative if you want to become a doctor and if there are any problems than you have to Excessive Competition. In this rat-race world, where everyone wishes to become the best there are limited options and resources available to serve it to all,Emotional Stress and Motivational Burnouts, and Lack of Direction so we have to let our doctor check us because it's going to be essential to learning how to develop an effective differential diagnosis in an efficient manner, as well as how to engage in the reflective practice of medicine they tell us if we need medicine or not and medicine help us t don't have a taste because it's not supposed to taste great it's just something we have to take.

  • The government should consider young people who have studied medicine and employ them to work on the hospital to reduce the chain of less doctor's in the country and also worldwide . They should also increase they salaries and also their allowances