Surgeon robot

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Technology has helped us a lot in our lives, made our work easier for us, and saved us time and effort, but it also ended the jobs of many people and left them without work, for example the postman, so now it is very rare to find a postman because e-mail and the Internet have lost their place and are now transmitting messages instead of it.

But can the profession of a doctor be replaced?

Technology entered medicine and deepened it, and we invented many devices that help doctors, but is it possible to dispense with the human role in the surgical operation?

Indeed, robots have been invented that carry out multiple functions and may dispense with the presence of the doctor sometimes, such as the robot that was established on the rules of "Da Vinci" and was named by this name. It specializes in minor surgeries such as the process of suturing wounds. It has a high skill in sewing on a grape without getting off it. A drop of water .

A robot specialized in anesthesia was created, and due to the success of the operation, the Federation of Anesthesiologists filed a case against it, fearing for their jobs. Do not be surprised now if you hear that the robot performs a delicate surgery without the intervention of doctors, as we have reached a huge amount of development.

But then if a medical error occurs, who will bear the blame and the mistake? This is what scares me and makes me reject the idea of replacing doctors with artificial intelligence.

Now, dear reader, were these reasons convincing for artificial intelligence to replace the doctor, and if not, why? And would you agree to have a robot operate on you?