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I was surprised by Dr. Kenny's response to the enigmatic_imagination question, as he said that... Competition #7 Expert learning 15/12/22
I think that the conversation during these 7 weeks was very disturbing to me because it was... Weekly poll #7 LIVE 13/12/22
Qatar is one of the countries in the world most exposed to sunlight, so I think it should put... Another side of the World Cup. 12/12/22
According to my memory, we discussed all the topics in our class (Space is a positive human... Competition #6 Favourite topic 07/12/22
Thank you I think that what you are saying can be solved by simple methods, perhaps if... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 02/12/22
Hello, Dr. Kenny, I would like to fulfill your request and answer your questions. I believe that... Expert challenge: who owns space? 02/12/22
I believe that health care should be free because not everyone is able to bear the cost. Perhaps... What should be free? 30/11/22
Newspaper, magazine or news program! I agree with you, I love to link things together... Competition #5 Journalism jobs 30/11/22
I think that Qatar and any other country does not like to be likened to a young child, as its... A speech that got people talking 28/11/22
I chose the last part, as I felt that he meant that Qatar should be given the opportunity and... A speech that got people talking 27/11/22
I agree that it is possible to draw attention to a case or to the victims of this political case... Sport and politics: do they mix? 25/11/22
Then he has to bear the punishment that will happen to him, whether he is excluded from the... Sport and politics: do they mix? 25/11/22
But I prefer to say that politics should not interfere with sports in order for the competitions... Sport and politics: do they mix? 24/11/22
I liked your comment because in our country we suffer from a shortage of doctors, and our... A doctor's words 23/11/22
What really interested me was the World Cup. I was surprised by the refusal of some countries to... Weekly poll #4 results 22/11/22
I say that the matter will be the same in any country, where if the matter is in a European... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 22/11/22
I believe that fast fashion is closely related to representation and diversity, as fast fashion... Competition #4 Connecting topics 22/11/22
I believe that we are not fair to the players, as they do not play in the league to represent... Sport and politics: do they mix? 21/11/22
I believe that politics should not be mixed with sports, and sportsmen have no right to make... Sport and politics: do they mix? 21/11/22
I would like to host the World Cup in a country and strongly, as it will turn attention towards... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 21/11/22