This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Through this topical talk program one of the main things i had learned is about food crisis. Today in this modern world there are many people who do not get sufficient food in their daily life. I will always try to save food and give it to the poor people. There are many people who are wasting food and do not realise the real value of healthy food. All living things including humans, birds, animals, insects need food for their survival. We should always take appropriate measures to save food. As the population goes on increasing the demand for food also goes on increasing. Increase in prices of food, wars, natural disasters, etc. are the main reasons for the global food crisis. The governments of all countries must take efforts on reducing this problem. Almost all countries do it but there are some countries like North Korea, government does not even take basic measures to reduce food crisis. Instead of helping the people, they implement rules which increases the food crisis. In North Korea more than fifty percent of the population suffers from malnutrition. Thus, there is a big role for government in reducing the food crisis of their respective country. Every human wants food. The number of people suffering from food crisis is still increasing. There are many people who have a lot of food but they always waste it. Food is precious as it is the most essential thing. we should be very careful about saving food. These are all the things which i had learned about food crisis.