Hunger is rampant in the world

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


First, I want to know about food security, "which is the availability of food for individuals without deficiency, and food security is considered achieved when the individual is not afraid of hunger."

This crisis has been exacerbated by tensions, wars, and the climate crisis. The World Food Program is warning of an unprecedented global crisis, with indications showing that the worst is yet to come!!

As the number of people suffering from hunger increased to 282 million to 345 million during the first months of 2022, where the Horn of Africa is the most affected, because of drought, which led to food insecurity, with the expectation of famine in Somalia, and floods destroyed homes and agricultural lands in many countries such as Pakistan, I see The World Food Program must put in place appropriate plans to address the death of people due to hunger. I believe that land reclamation and supplying it with modern technology