Is the food crisis a big problem or not?

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The problem of food shortage has appeared significantly in recent times, and it is a widespread problem all over the world. It is a problem that causes the death of many people daily and all over the world.

There are many reasons for food shortages, such as the massive increase in population growth that exceeds the state's ability to provide food, the spread of wars, food shortages, and the division of the world into developed and developing countries. And the lack of different natural resources and the elimination of the main development resources of developing countries and the poor distribution of resources between members of society itself and the peoples of countries into two categories (rich and poor.)

Climate change is also a major cause of this problem In my opinion, climate change can disrupt food availability, reduce access to food, and affect food quality, for example, expected increases in temperature, changes in precipitation patterns. Changes in extreme weather events and a decrease in the availability of water may all lead to a decrease in agricultural productivity, thus reducing food, and a food crisis spreads.

I think to solve this problem, people need to boost crops with biofortification and build an airplane just in case they show up so they can respond to the refugee crisis. There should also be more sanitation. And the cleanliness So that other countries want to give it and also want to trade with it. We need to share the little food we have through charities or foundations so that people don't die of hunger. The government can also put in place some measures that can help in solving the problem of global food crisis, for example it can decide to ban restrictions on the international market by allowing its citizens to transport these types of foods at a low cost that will be imposed on them as taxes and this will motivate them to work hard because the research It indicates that countries that depend on agriculture are economically stable since they get more income from these agricultural products.

I think to deal with the food crisis must everyone should get knowledge about this crisis by adding some lessons in children's curricula because education is a powerful tool. Also on social media and other social applications False Crisis Awareness b. I feel most people in my country don't even know about global issues except because they don't have access to the media. Some pple even ignore what is going on around them. We should try to conserve our natural resources and try to share as much as we can. Try to change our lifestyle if we waste even a single grain. As I am after participating in this global festival, I really started living with reality and opened my eyes about food waste because I used to do it in my classroom box when I feel like my lunch is not good. I started sharing with others and also started eating. My question to you, do you think that humans are the cause of the food crisis, or not?

And if yes, what is the reason for it?

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