The Global Food Crisis and How We Can Help!

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What I admire most about what we discuss in Topical Talk is the connection between topics. I believe we can't talk about food crises without pointing to climate change and the big amount of money spent on the World Cup. I am here today to talk about the food crisis mainly, but I want to shed light on other related topics too.

During my work on this topic on the topical talk site, l have broadened my horizons about the food crisis and its reasons. I found out that 2022 witnessed a rapid increase in food prices and shortages of food supplies around the world and that the COVID-19 pandemic made it even worse. I also noticed the strong connection between climate shocks and food insecurity that the world is witnessing. On the other hand, we can all see the extravagant spending on the world cup.

Thinking of all of the reasons for the food crisis, nobody can deny that the reason for this problem is sadly "humans". But the happy part is that also humans can be the solution. Starvation leads to diseases and to stop diseases we need to provide food for those who need it. Meditating for a moment on the amount of food we throw daily will make us think that this food is enough to feed another human. Here we can stop buying big amounts of food, cook what we need and make sure those in need have enough food instead of throwing food away. Throwing food is not only a waste that harm other people who wish they can get it, but it is also one of the reasons for climate change. Throwing food means more decomposition, and more decomposition means more pollution.

Watching and enjoying the world cup, I can't close my eyes when I see the luxurious preparations and the big amount of money spent to host the world cup. It is done! The money has already been spent, but yes there is a way we can benefit from the world cup to solve the food crisis. I would like to suggest that some of the world cup profits go to poor countries to feed people.

Being here as a topical talker, and being a student who now knows more about food crisis and its reasons, I feel responsible to deliver the message of topical talk to other students in my school. I tried hard to promote the idea of sharing food among my friends. I started with myself by sharing my food with my friends. Along with my amazing friends at school, we created a big poster entitled "sharing is caring" and displayed it for students to see. Hopefully, students will be inspired to share their food with others. My teachers, after a discussion with students including me, came up with a great idea to help poor students. They created food cards, which they distribute secretly, for poor students to buy from the canteen for free every day. By doing this, I have seen my friends' eyes glittering with happiness without losing their dignity.

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  • The idea of sharing is beautiful indeed pioneering_orca! In my community, often in the name of religion and humanity, people cook food and share it with the people. In gurudwaras, we have 'langar' where delicious fresh food is prepared everyday to feed millions. In most temples, food is offered to the poor people sitting outside the temple. We also have 'bhandaras' which are usually set up by people themselves, usually on festive ocassions, to feed hundreds of hungry people in the area.
    The 'Mid-Day Meal' is a great initiative taken up by the Indian government for school students. Under this scheme, freshly-cooked food is served to students of government or government aided schools everyday!
    If we can afford 3-4 meals a day, we should definitely try making a gift of one meal for others.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! It is always interesting to know about other cultures and communities. Thank you very much for telling me about your community and how you apply the idea of sharing food. I think this is amazing seeing people caring for each other. Having these morals is not only a help for people in your community, but also a help to the environment and the planet.