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The world is facing alot of problems but there is a major problem that has resulted from all the problems the world is facing and this is the "GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS" It is described as theThe world is facing alot of problems but there is a major problem that has resulted from all the problems the world facing and this is the "GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS" It is described as the global hunger castrophy or the acute food mmany people around the globe are hungry and many people everyday die because of the hunger problems from almost 90 country so the UN a international body were every country is a member has come up with different programs to over come the situation progrsprograms such as the WFP (World Food Program) to hhelp the people through distributing food and help people to grow food and emergency assistance, relief and rehabilitation in war affected countries it also has many other programs. Despite these programs the global food crisis hasn't yet been solved and infact it is just increasing because of the various factor for example the civil wars recently there was the Russia-Ukraine war which has severely increased the level of hunger in Ukraine because the weapons that were used are nuclear war head which kill the plant life and theythey also destroy the food influstructure and even countries that could export there food to them arearemight also be in fear of creating rivales with one of the country so people in those countries end up starving. The other problem and the main one is climate change this as a factor has done more harm to the food sector and yet it is increasing day by day so climate change effects like the floods resulting from the raising sea drought fromthe carbon emissions and many other effects these not only make the growing of food impossible and hard but also make people refugees leaving them in a vulnerable state that they cannot provide for themselves food because they abondon there land and go to saffer crowded areas . Climate change effects like drought make the growing of food difficult and expensive hence reducing the food production low in the country which make people who used to depend on that food vulnerable so in conclusion is say that climate change has definitely made solving of the global food crisis hard.

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  • in my opinion that open trade, information transparency, waiver in food import bills, and, most importantly, free flow of fertilisers for farmers worldwide.

  • "THE GLOBAL FOOD" The global food is something serious, people die every day from hunger. Many countries suffer economically, therefore they suffer from hunger and other needs. It is important to know that by not eating your body weakens, now imagine not eating for days, weeks, or even months. The only thing you can eat in a day are pieces of bread that's probably stale and old or you don't even eat. Can you imagine living that suffering to think that they only want a plate of food is a lot of despair as much as babies children adults suffer from hunger it is very likely with babies and children they will not live for a long time. I feel very sad for the people who not eat.

  • Global food crises is a savage monster that is killing hundreds no but thousands of victims day by day. Every day we are losing 25000 citizen because of undernourishment and some related causes including 10000 children that their least right is complete food. And here the question is:Do our children have always to suffer from this crime? Or there is some strategies that can be taken in order to save the age of flower?