The solution is confrontation, not escape

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The global food crisis is a problem of food shortages that most countries in the world suffer from, for several reasons, including wasting food in abundance, so you must preserve your food and what is left of it for the next time, and also global warming that led to the death of many plants, so you must First, the government should educate its citizens and farmers about the danger of this, and they should plant plants of all kinds in abundance in a timely manner so that they are not damaged from the beginning.

Other than that, the government has a major role in solving this problem by imposing restrictions on exports and imports, and imposing restrictions on people from buying crops from their country, imposing taxes or making prizes such as the Nobel Prize, but for farmers, it is given to the best farms in terms of the number of crops and their quality and Not using chemicals

And since many and many people suffer from hunger, we ourselves must help them and take duty, by teaching our neighbors how to farm and provide food, and to give excess food to the poor and not to throw it away, in addition to teaching agriculture in schools and Licensing the price of food so that everyone can buy it

Also, there is an aspect that many do not care about, but it may be the solution to this problem, which is wars. Wars are one of the biggest problems facing plants, because it bombards plants and destroys the soil, which makes them unsuitable for cultivation, and is also the biggest cause of global warming.

jolly_vegetable concluded his point with a question: Is it the "lack of farmers nowadays or the changing climate?" I want to answer it: From my point of view, both of them have a hand in this food crisis, but global warming had a greater role, as it prevented plants from growing and damaged the soil and water from which plants are watered, but we must not forget that farmers neglect plants and Their lack of determination to save our planet, so they also have a major role in resolving this crisis

In the end, I want to say that the most powerful weapon to confront this problem is confronting it and not escaping, as well as unity in order to achieve the interests of all

I want to conclude that laws should be put in place for farmers, or should they be given the right to leave their work whenever they want??