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In this topic we made several discussion such as wastage of food, why we can't just share food and what's on your plate. However all these were of the big discussion "Food CRISIS"


The first Question that raise in our minds mind was that what is hunger? Hunger is more complicated than empty bellies . It's a multifaceted problem with many root causes and for reaching impacts .

After steadly declining for a decade world hunger is on the rise , affecting nearly 10./. Of people globally. From 2019 to 2022. The number of undernourished ppeople grew by as many as 150 million a crisis driven largely by conflict climatic change And the COVID 19 pandemic And many more .

The major causes of world hunger are unequal world or COVID 19 pandemic

Hunger is fundamental about power people with power determine who eats And who goes hungrywho lives and who dies when the world is unequal so the access to nutritious food is not the same such as women , displaced people and those who disabilities are more likely to face barriers and to Jobs ,income and resources. This inequality causes hunger



Hunger is a both a cause and consequences of conflicts of wars , labors strikes and intergovermental disputes . An estimated 60./. Of thethe world's hungry people live in countries experiencing active conflict .


It is the new and major cause of hunger . many countries facing lock down due to that disease and there were travelling restrictions . many people have their business in developing countries, many people have job in developing countries but when there is no traveling opportunities so there was no business and no work so there was no money and no food to eat that cause hunger .


We solve our conflict And restrictions and also political issues and the problem is that many people are to poor to bly readily available food . Therefore measure addressing the poverty problem what are needed to solve the world hunger problem .

If food was made much more affordable it would help reduce hunger levels .

I think MEDC,s should give Short term aid to LEDC,s to help reduce the number of undernourished people in their countries and i also think giving money to aids isn't the best solution as the country may use it for something else

All in All we made charities and aid organization in area where there is hunger a big problem and i also think that why so many countries face inequality??