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We do all the activities in class but the theme that I like the most was global food crisis... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
I joined the discussion in the cop 27 is it sustainable topic I replied to shrewd hyena from... Competition #3 Global discussion 14/11/22
I agree but we also can make compaing and students group at school level Are COP events sustainable? 14/11/22
Yes you are right but how can we release less green house gases because it is not a Leaders... Are COP events sustainable? 14/11/22
To achieve goals in life we have to inspire from someone . as a student i have also my goal ,I... Do you have to see it, to be it? 14/11/22
yes i can help in my community by following 1. By making a campaign for needy people where we... Do you have to see it, to be it? 14/11/22
Thanks for appreciate me Do you have to see it, to be it? 11/11/22
Can you give an example of a time you have been inspired to do something? Yes one day my whole... Do you have to see it, to be it? 10/11/22
The movie which fascinate me and change the world is coco it teaches that family is everything... Who could change the world? 10/11/22
I love the sea bin because sea bin is a device that remove plastic rubbish from water last year... Get creative, save the planet! 09/11/22
I think policies doesn't matter in my view I would like to vote that leader that personality are... Personality or Policy? 09/11/22
I make a compaing for donating clothes to poor people that don't have clothes to wear that wear... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 09/11/22
As I am girl so good environment for me is that where I feel comfortable and having positive... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 09/11/22
I think that is not right because everyone has their own right and own thinking that what they... Mind your language! 08/11/22
Who is responsible? The issues of fast fashion can be tracked back to the unethical business... Who is responsible? 08/11/22
Yes I am interested in politics because In my view politics help us to socialize and educate... Are young people political? 08/11/22
The person who inspires me was Maryam Mukhtar the first female fighter pilot of Pakistan she was... Expert challenge: achieving dreams! 08/11/22
My question for a new leader would be what will do about women education? what struggle do make... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 07/11/22
Young people might not have the cagnivity ability to understand our complex political system,... Are young people political? 07/11/22
The information that surprise me most is education of women around the world woman still have... Gender inequality: have your say! 07/11/22