A general election: how would one's appearance affect the audience?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


From the day the student Topical Talk hub was opened, I have always been intrigued by Fast Fashion. Luckily, I was given the wonderful opportunity to meet some members of the economist, Jen and Steff from Topical Talk last week. And by surprise, we led onto the Topic of Fast Fashion, and I truly believe that session has broadened my horizons and pushed my curiosity further into asking myself more questions on how this relates to other topics. I always love pushing myself to think of more questions that could initiate discussion across the student hub. And one sparked to mind: would one’s appearance in a general election affect the audience.

Yes you should wear modest clothes

We would all be given the advice to wear a modest outfit to events such as a meeting to a general election! It is important that you wear appropriate clothes in a working environment and hence show respect to others. Furthermore, the clothes you wear do show a sign of wealthiness. If you are wearing a pristine suit or an elegant dress, this might indicate you have wealthiness and therefore you can dedicate some money to charities or causes you want to take action as a Prime Minister. However, fast fashion produces may convey the wrong message.

No, do not judge a book by its cover

In order to stand out, you need some pop of colour noone else has. Maybe a bright orange scarf or a shiny necklace. Who knows, maybe some people are waiting for something unexpected. It could be a potential breaker between the number of votes you get at a general election. Additionally, some people do not have the money to buy high-quality clothes and they need to stick to fast fashion instead. And even if your clothes are not a suit or a modest dress, it is the speech that sways the public.

To conclude, i believe both sides have a point. You should wear modest clothes but maybe some nice yet toned down scarves or gloves. Any accessory that is eye-catching but does not push boundaries.

If this were to move to a different scenario, for example a job interview, what would you dress like?