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respectful_anteater Hello! As I helped suggest this topic I would like to share another point of view.. In... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 08/3/24
respectful_anteater A journalist's job is VERY important, but, as good as this job is, there are challenges. As... Challenges to journalists 29/2/24
shining_impression Hi, I think that it is fair for people not to leave their homes between 11pm and 5am but ONLY... Freedom v safety? 24/2/24
shining_impression I searched all over different websites ( some websites can't be as trustworthy as some other... What's your reaction? 24/2/24
respectful_anteater Hello! Yes, with your scenario, (The government,) would mean its just phrase. But, with other... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 22/2/24
enigmatic_leopard I think voting in the election should be age restricted to 16- 18 and above. I think this is... Age restrictions 22/2/24
shining_impression I decided to put something else as I have mixed feelings.What if people forget how to do every... What's your reaction? 21/2/24
earnest_llama I agree because women deserve to be recognised all year round and just because women get treated... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 21/2/24
earnest_llama It is my opinion that International Women's Day will remind all women in the world of how... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 21/2/24
patient_twilight I agree with A and C, I believe that International Women's day is a very good thing, it... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 21/2/24
wondrous_thought If I had an AI assistant, I would like it to help me and others in my Class. I would like this... AI companion 21/2/24
fabulous_hen I would like my AI robot to be trained to help me in school and cheer me up when I am down. It... AI companion 21/2/24
splendid_fish To save and protect our planet there are thousands of things you could do,small things like... How to make a change 21/2/24
respectful_anteater Hi. I believe a really good caption for this image is, "The Helpers of Earth," I believe this... Caption this! 21/2/24
shining_impression The woman that I would love to celebrate from the news is Annie Nightingale(this may not be in... Competition #5 winners 20/2/24
shining_impression I believe that it is important for everyone to help with Climate Change,so my answer would be... Climate change and inequality 20/2/24
shining_impression I imagine AI transforming our learning and generally peoples lives!For our learning AI is a... Will AI transform the emerging world? 20/2/24
creative_shrimp I think that AI and business link because AI(Artificial Intelligence)is a concept where it could... Competition #3 winners 07/2/24
funny_potato I would love to have my own personal AI, in fact it would be amazing. If I had my own personal... AI companion 06/2/24
funny_potato I think a perfect caption for this picture could be 'Helping our dear mother Earth' I think... Caption this! 06/2/24