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this topic about UK politics I have learned many things based on the different discussions that we have had, for example in the discussion where it was asked "Is it time for a general election in the UK?" I was able to comprehend that we, the people, should be allowed to actively participate in our country's politics through events like a public general election because our voices need to be heard. Choices affecting our lives should not only be made by single minds or parliaments because we also have the right of choice on the most important issues.

The discussions also helped me see that we need a government whose policies we agree to and if we don't, we should speak out against it because with countries facing problems like food crisis and pandemics like Covid-19, the people need a stable government that they can agree with and trust. In cases where the people don't agree with the government, they may not comply to the laws set.

The UK had some prime ministers who were chosen out of the party's and individual's interests. They ended up resigning one after the other causing political instability in the country. For example LIZ TRUSS resigned after making mistakes and so people said that they could not rely on her and BORIS JOHNSON resigned after he was caught breaking one of his own rules during the covid-19 lockdown. In Topical Talk we had a discussion about whether there should be "one rule for everyone" or whether leaders should be exempted or held to different standards. I feel that leaders are also human enough to make mistakes and should be helped to correct them. But I can also see that for those like BORIS JOHNSON's- such careless mistakes shouldn't be tolerated because they could cause irreplaceable damage and loss of trust.

In a pandemic situation like covid-19 where leaders had to lead their communities well in order to stay safe from the disease and new laws like early curfew and home lockdown were put in place, people finding that their own leaders are breaking the laws that they have set themselves would cause the people to not comply themselves. This could perhaps increase infections and many dying in the process.

So to conclude on this topic, it's important for a country to respect and embrace DEMOCRACY. People need to be satisfied with their leaders to have a politically stable and peaceful nation with a good relationship between the government and its people. For this to happen it's important that leaders follow the same rules they set so as to set examples for the people they govern.

"DEMOCRACY,PATRIOTISM AND EQUALITY" if we are to have passionate,honest and fair leadership.

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