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Unfortunately, there is a significant decline in the political vision of young people and their reluctance to attend to the crises of their countries, especially in developing countries, due to frustration with what is happening to the political process and the resulting deterioration of conditions, the lack of services and the deterioration of various aspects of life economically, educationally and healthily, and there is nothing to encourage them and guarantee their decent lives. Therefore, an incubating environment must be available for youth work, their integration into political action, and the organization of political dialogues. Care must also be taken in advance in schools, curricula, and universities, in student councils, in order to reach conclusions and recommendations about the existing conditions in their countries, and evenThe state guarantees, when he reaches puberty, that he has a cultural background that constitutes a clear reference for him that enables him to engage in politics. Thus, we step into the stage of developing youth political participation From my point of view, young people should get acquainted with the news in order to see the outside world and know the events taking place in the world around them, and increase their knowledge of facts and introduce them to the cultures of other countries, which creates conscious and bright minds that may be a positive force to advance sustainable development. They must share their opinions because they have a role in development and producing distinctive ideas and for the continuation of developmentt and the prosperity of the communities in which they live. They also have a role in political reform and the future of their countries. I feel sorry for my country. The cultural and political heritage of our fathers and grandfathers contributed to the reluctance of our youth to participate in politics. I also think that it is good that we seek to modernize legislation and build legislation in a positive way that is characterized by democracy and modernity that guarantees youth interaction freely and that there is respect for humanity. What do you think of your country's politics? Does it guarantee youth political involvement and integration in the political process? Is there a kind of democracy?

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  • There can be many reasons why people hate politicians, but one of them that I can think of is the fact that the haters see their own mirror image in them, which they could not otherwise.
    A politician is just another person from the same society in which all of us live and then choose one of us, the one with whom we vibe the best, to represent us as our representative.
    But the moment that representative begins to act nasty and begins to ignore us, we start feeling cheated. And that is the time we unconsciously begin to realize that it is s/he whom we had elected for our personal gains, not the gain of the country.
    This realization is not palatable to most of us who are simple people and that is when hatred begins to surface.
    Most of us don’t like our mirror image showing the raw image. Do we?
    Had we liked it, we would not have invented makeup to hide behind it.
    The politicians in our country are one from us. They are as good or bad that we want them to be.
    If we wish to stop hating them, then we need to elect those who we can respect. Not those whom we see as our masters.

    1. I agree with you because the leaders must be fair, serve their people and not seek their personal interests, and we must from the beginning have a leader who guarantees us a decent life and that the elections are fair and just.
      What do you think we can do if our leader and governments are unjust??
      I believe that we must object to unjust laws, demand our rights peacefully, raise supportive slogans, and shed light on our cause, and we must neither be afraid nor acquiesce in injustice.
      Do you agree with me and what do you think??