Youth and politics

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Are young people political? @fabulous_huckleberry said: I think young" people are rather political because young people like to talk about women's rights, lgbtq+ rights, blm, and abortion rights and love to share their opinion on topics like this. According to statistics, 70% of people born in the late 1990's and early 2000's say that they are involved in a social or political cause, also 52% of all people, even young people themselves, believe that young people influence how the world creates change.

And wonderful_duck said: "Young people are not political. This is because most young people don't really understand politics. And since they don't really understand politics they just go off of what they see on ads, the news, or what they hear from other people like their parents. And plus most young people don't really talk about politics unless its about something like Trump is bad or Obama is good, they don't really know any more than that." I liked their point of view, regardless of its content, but each of them made his reasons clear, and from my point of view, if they wanted to make the world better, they would do so, but the youth are the ones who do not want that, because they care about luxury and the World Cup and things like that And they are not aware of what is more important than that

Older or younger lawmakers? quickwitted-tamarind said: “I am divided by whether it is good to have younger or older people in charge of us. It is good to have older people because they have experience and may be able to think more carefully about their decisions however. , this could also be a bad thing because their experience may cause them to view things in a particular way and they may not be able to think from all perspectives. Young people would be good for the government because they may be less biased in the way they think as they have less experience. However, they may not be good to the authorities because they are inexperienced and may not fully understand that there are multiple ways to solve problems. "

He gave good and real reasons, and I also agree with you. Everyone has their own decisions, but it is known that the elderly are the wisest and most experienced, but their view of the news may be different, and that the young are the most knowledgeable in their societies, but they lack experience In the end, I want to say that young people should be given the opportunity, but with guidance from the elderly, so that each party can know more about society and priorities, and that they can gain experience.