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  • It is a beautiful topic and an important and exciting competition for football, which is loved by millions and gathers for it. It is held under the supervision of the International Federation of Football. Usually, the economy of the host country thrives through increasing tourism resources, creating new job opportunities, increasing investments, tourist attractions, infrastructure, stadiums, and hotels that will return to the country itself later. And getting to know the cultures of other countries, not to mention their importance on the social and psychological level. From my point of view, the World Cup is a global celebration and a source of joy. There is no doubt for the host country and for all football lovers.foot. It is the most watched sporting event in the world to find out which team is the best From my point of view, the huge sums that were spent on the World Cup, if we spent it on the poor and helped some poor developing countries, we would overcome poverty and alleviate this global crisis. Also, if we had undertaken other projects, we would have obtained profits and increased development and the economy even more We exaggerate the positive impact on the host country. But why are countries flocking to host the World Cup?