History was made!


History was made!

The World Cup has made big transformations in our lives interms of gender issues, special needs, music, and social values to people around the world.

Women and the World Cup

First, history was made when two women for the first time referee men's match in the World Cup. In my country, women did not engaged in competing or watching sport. However, they enthustically started to watch the world cup for the first times in their lives. Yesterday, all my family, like every Palestenian family, sat in harmony to watch the world cup as if we are all gathered to watch drama films in Ramadan month. We ate Maamool and danced the Palestinian dabka as we celebrated Eid. I have never imagined my self watching a football match. How interesting it was!

People with Special needs

Second, history was also made when Ghanem opened the world cup. He was born without the lower part of his body. However, he sent an effective massege for everyone that when there is a will, there is a way. At my school, many Palestinian students have special needs because of conflicts and wars. We do love and respect them. For example, one of my friends has artificial legs, but she is excellent in maths and science. I remember the special festival on the 3rd of December when we played, sang, and acted togather, these memories will stay forever.

Music and Art

Third, the song "Tukoh Taka" for the Arabic singer Mariam Fares made history as it became number one on iTunes in less than 12 hours from its release. Tukoh Taka played at FIFA World Cup stadiums across Qatar• The song combines Arabic alongside English and Spanish, so it reflects unity, culture and diversity on a global level. It shows how mutual understanding and peacebuilding can be achieved through art and music. Just like sport, music is a language that brings people together from all around the world.

Social Values

Finally , the World cup in Qatar teaches us lessons of social values Regarding equality, every country have the right to host the World Cup on its land. If I were a famous player, I would not relate sport with politics because sport should lead to diversity and unity of nations, not isolation. People should shows political, ethnical, or cultural tolerance.

Tell us what changes does the World Cup bring to your life?