This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The world cup is an event that takes place every four years and 32 national teams travel to one host country for the games and this year round,Qatar is the host of the big event and this event will not leave Qatar the same

The world cup has led to the construction of new infrastructure in Qatar. For example- seven new stadia,hotels,roads to be able to accommodate the people who will be coming for the visit and nearly $220 billion was spent.However,this brings me to my standpoint about the (pros and cons) of hosting the world.


*Increase In Crime Rate

Due to the huge numbers of people to come to the host country,thugs and con men shall also find it easy to operate under the big masses for example in stadia, people's smartphones could be stolen and also since all security is focused on the event thieves can attack small banks,shops or supermarkets robbing money and other goodies

*Increase In Pollution

Due to too much movement and transportation using cars,buses and planes, alot of emissions in form of CO2 are released into the atmosphere which causes air pollution,depletion of the ozone layer,adds on the greenhouse layer increasing temperatures and also increasing the risk of having acidic rain.

Due to the too much party during such an event,a lot of wastes,plastics,sewage and poisonous substances like chemicals are dumped into water bodies causing water pollution which could bring about death of fish and other aquatic animals in large numbers and when the fish die,it comes back to the fishermen who will now suffer to earn a living as the fish they have been relying on is now dead hence increasing poverty.In addition,there could also be a lot of soil pollution due to the disposal of plastics into soil and in the long run,reducing the soil fertility something which would reduce the food production of a country and in one worse case it could lead to food insecurity,famine and hunger around the country..Furthermore the country spends a lot in preparation for world cup we even saw that Qatar had to spend over $220 billion so as a negative impact,it could come back to the people in a situation where the government increases taxes in order increase revenue to cover the used gap,people could end up suffering with the cost of living and supporting their livelihoods might become so difficult since increase in taxes means prices of commodities shall also sky-rocket. Actually the new infrastructure put up in Qatar involved the use so many workers that over 30,000 foreign workers were hired to build stadia alone but turn into sour news when many died on construction sites and says "The estimate that 6,500 workers have died on World Cup construction sites in Qatar is a number that is quoted often, but the true figure is difficult to ascertain" These workers have also suffered being over worked and exploited.So there was some kind of workers' rights violated.


A big event like world cup cause such a big event would bring about new opportunities to the people for example foodstuff businesses would work more due the more people coming in,the accommodation houses like hotels and guest houses would get lots of customers cashing in, transport businesses like motorcyclists, taxi drivers and bus drivers also get more earnings from transporting people from one point of the city to other areas. The government also benefits greatly since more taxes shall be collected and also the tourism sector will improve since many entrants will be interested in other things like local cuisine, culture, wildlife and historical sites.The youth shall also get jobs for example cleaning football stadia thus solving unemployment.

However,if you ask me🤔,it would be a 50/50.The World Cup would grant us a huge boost to our popularity, tourism and economy.But the increase in popularity and tourism can may turnout as fire in the house;Increase in popularity can lead to people to dig into our laws, human rights and history, and find the really dark truths about us. This would inevitably cause controversy, just like the Qatar situation.

So I wouldn't want the world cup to be hosted in my country.