Qatar 's world cup LEGACY

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Qatar broke the jinx by beating other fifa country members like usa, Japan, Australia and more that I can't mention, and being the first Arabian country to host the world cup.

They can't leave- should I say “a good"- because of their cultural restrictions like no alcohol, the LGBTQ restriction and their lack of human sympathy by forcing workers to work under their own conditions .

summarily, Qatar spent up to $220 billion to host this world , building new stadiums , hotels, roads . This can be of good benefits to Qatar, after d world cup has ended, they can tell Their locals who don't have good homes to come stay in the new buildings , and even if they have to pay rents, it would be reasonable and affordable.This could also boost their economy in a very good way , it can help them in their tourism section, make new friends and also be an attractive nation as a whole.