Should human rights in Qatar stop people from dangerous conditions?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The football organisers in Qatar are making unfair decisions to make workers work in very dangerous conditions during this football season; the whole thing makes me feel disappointed and worried. Mr Infantio, who’s the president of Fifa, isn’t bothered by what's happening in Qatar.

The World Cup being in Qatar is making people interested in this problem. People are working in dangerous conditions, the business owners are forcing them to work in dangerous conditions and are keeping them from going back to their homes.

There are lots of people saying that the world cup shouldn’t be in Qatar because of the very dangerous conditions for human rights. On the 20th November 2022, Amnesty International said,”There’s never been a right time to talk about human rights” but lots of people are talking about them now.

I think that the people working in dangerous conditions should be allowed to return home. My opinion is that we should promote human rights and tell people about what is happening in Qatar and the dangerous working conditions that people are working in.