The World Cup Legacy: Should people do what is right whatever the conscience?


This unforgettable sport (named soccer or football) is currently being played at an international football competition, called the World Cup. More than 30 countries around the world have travelled to Qatar (in the Middle East) who are hosting the 2022 World Cup, which is drawing and gathering together millions of football fans from around the world to cheer on their team to the end.

From the outside, the tournemant looks amazing and inspiring but behind the scenes, fans, citizens and footballers have been protesting that the competitive game should not be in Qatar as there are strict rules against people’s human rights. I think it's important to talk about this because every human deserves freedom.

Sometimes some of the footballers competing haven't been given freedom, for example, Harry Kane (England's captain) wanted to wear the ‘One Love’ armband as a sign that all humans have rights but the FIFA team prevented him and other captains such as Gareth Bale from wearing it. Harry Kane was even threatened that if he wore it he would be given a yellow card. Jamie Carragher insisted that he should wear it as human rights are important. I agree.

Workers have also been unfairly treated because when they want to return to their families, their passports are taken away and they can't travel due to rights that business owners have.

Even though freedom is restricted in Qatar, history has successfully been made as females have been given the jobs of referees and assistants in this World Cup.The referee committee said that females deserve that job as they perform at very high levels. So maybe there is some good in holding the world cup in Qatar.

Although some of these are excellent, we still need to work on these things that seem little to some but make a big difference to the world. I think that females should appear more in soccer/ football games and that workers should have the FREEDOM to do what they want any time.I also think that Qarar should give more money to the poor and reuse other buildings for stadiums instead of wasting money on new stadiums.

I believe everyone has the right to be free.