World Cup 2022: Why did the German players put their hands on their mouths in the Qatar World Cup ?

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The German football team is one of the strongest teams in football around the world established in the beginning of the twentieth century, and joined the International Football Association from its founding date. They were able to achieve great achievements and world records, they were ranked eleventh according to FIFA 2022, and have participated in the World Cup Championship 19 times.

The first title they achieved was in 1934. They've achieved the title four times, participated in the current World Cup in Qatar 2022, and lost its first matches in the current tournament against Japan with a score of 2-1 .

The image of the German team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup sparked controversy on social media as well as news sites. German players put their hands over their mouths at the World Cup in Qatar when standing in front of a photo of them ahead of their first World Cup match, due to a previous dispute with FIFA over wearing the "One Love" badge. It is the coloured badge in support of homosexuality, and the German Federation has stated that behind this measure there is no any political message, but rather the non-negotiable issue of human rights, and that they stick to their principles, their point of view to the end.

This is their right. They also added -"To deny us the right to wear a badge is like to deny us the right to speak, and we hold on our attitude . We and other countries want our voices to be heard."

The German team was supposed to wear a "One Love" badge, along with England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland. There is a set of rules and things that fans and attendees of a football game should abide by, and this is called a list of football fans' prohibition. And those who break these rules are punished.
Here are some of the guidelines and controls that Qatar offered at the 2022 World Cup and that its visitors and fans should abide by :
Alcohol : FIFA has announced a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in all forms around the eight stadiums .
Drugs: Among the instructions given to fans of the World Cup in Qatar is a ban on the sale and use of drugs, which imposes a prison sentence and a fine .
Dress : Some guidelines were provided to fans at the 2022 Qatar World Cup regarding dress involving the need to wear modest dress .
Food : Qatar, host of the 2022 World Cup, prevented fans from bringing pork .
Homosexuality: Qatar did not prevent homosexuals from attending the 2022 World Cup, but banned same-sex relationships at these times .
Respect for religions: Qatar stressed that in this World Cup there will be people of different religions and sects, so care must be taken not to offend the sanctities and beliefs of fans.
Loud music: Respect the feelings of others and do not disturb the celebration with music and loud sound.

And finally, what do you think of the German players putting their hands on their mouths in the Qatar World Cup ?