World Cup Legacy

World Cup Legacy

I love football, which is why I chose this subject. The World Cup brings people together from all over the world and that invitation should be open to every human on the planet. So it is sad that some communities, like the LGBTQ+ community, are not welcome.

I understand and respect that every country is different and has different beliefs and traditions so it is sad to think that some people may not feel welcome or safe to travel there and watch the games.

For some people like female referees, this is a chance to shine ( considering only 25 percent of Qatar are women). The World Cup has opened some doors for women as this is a chance for women to become more of a part in future male matches. This is also good for the Middle East as Qatar is the first Middle Easten country to host the World Cup. Although it wasn't good for everyone, some people who have visited Qatar have said that Qatar was not what they thought it would be like.

Most of the workers that built the stadiums have travelled round the world to get to Qatar, at least 30,000 builders were from other countries and around 400 - 500 migrant workers have died from work related to the World Cup since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar.

After all this it is said that the stadiums will be dismantled and recycled but will all the metro stations stay up or will they be taken down? That could end up being a waste of money. Also, right before the World Cup started the country of Qatar banned beer even though the company that was advertising Qatar in the World Cup was a beer company. Now the World Cup has proven to show many pros and cons of being in Qatar so it is for everyone to choose whether it should or shouldn't have been in that country. Anyway it is a very big thing for the Middle East considering it is their first World Cup so it will probably develop a lot of the country. The big question is, is England bringing it home this year?