World Cup

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The World Cup is a world wide event that only happens every four years. During our lesson about the World Cup I was intrigued and wanted to keep learning more. During this lesson we learned about the preparations that go into this event; such as the stadiums, food, fans, and hotels. Something that we discussed about the stadiums were its maintenance and if it was ever going to be used again after the event is over. We then started to converse about how much food they were going to prepare and how much was going to go to waste. The hotels were a big topic that we discussed because the workers of Qatar, where the world cup is being held, had to build lots of hotels for the 1.5 million expected visitors. All in all, this topic was a blast and went into the deepers side of the world cup rather than just being soccer.