World cup:the legacy of big events

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My standpoint is on the World Cup legacy and the controversy going on. The problems started in 2010 where people believed president of FIFA, Gianni Infanito, started a scandal where he made Qatar pay him so that Qatar could host the world cup but since then there have been even more issues regarding Qatar’s government . Due to this issue, a wave of controversy and protests has struck the event. Also the Iran issues have led to more protests and controversy in the World Cup.

The other controversial events which happened after Qatar were able to host the event also added a ton of disagreements and issues. These events were that the Qatar government were very discriminative towards certain communities for instance making workers work very hard and in difficult and dangerous conditions for little money eg: around 400-500 workers have died making stadiums.


In my opinion I don’t agree with the World Cup being held in Qatar due to the issues stated in the previous paragraph. Also linking up with sustainability projects I don’t think the event is as sustainable as it could be for example the stadiums will probably not be used after the event.


Although personally I disagree with the World Cup being held in Qatar, some people do agree with the government and FIFA regulations, unlike many football fans and protesters. Yet most people who do agree don’t definitely know about the controversy and business allegations and corruption.The FIFA head [Gianni Infanito] has not been sacked but he is not allowed to make any negotiations or agreements.


Although the bad stuff about the world cup in Qatar there are some positives like the first women referees in an international game and a whole women ref squad not only in international football but in professional football.


Overall the events have changed the legacy of the World Cup and has caused many people to speak against the Qatar government and representatives of the Qatar football association. I think even after the event, people will remember the controversy in Qatar not for a good reason. Because of the major disagreements, I predict FIFA won’t let Qatar host the great event again or for a long time, unless the rights of workers and human rights are changed.