AI an ally that will bring development or an enemy that will bring destruction?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

during topicl talk project I learned many things and got acquainted with a way of thinking different from mine, and now I can say that the time I spent on this project is valuable time, as I can now talk about several topics well and I can analyze them And discuss it with others and I am completely confident .
In this point of view I chose the topic of artificial intelligence to talk about, and what attracted me most about this topic is the hidden message it carries, and I will explain it from the way I understand the topic ، For me I believe that the aim of this topic is to clarify a message about the extent to which humans accept artificial intelligence, and will they consider it an ally and can be relied upon in their lives, or will they reject it and consider it an enemy?
There is another reason why I choose this topic because I think that this topic prepares us for the coming future in which artificial intelligence will be an integral part of our lives،Therefore, I liked the idea of putting this topic within the topical talk project, because it gave us a clearer understanding of artificial intelligence and its connection to other fields.
At the beginning of the discussion of the topic I was opposed to some of the students’ opinions in several respects , For example there was a discussion between me and one of the students who strongly supported artificial intelligence and believed that the impact it would have on the arts would not be of much importance ، And frankly when I read his comment I was a little angry because, as an artist and an appreciator of art, I realize the extent of the insult he directed towards art , What angered me the most was that he only mentioned the positive aspects of artificial intelligence and did not address its negatives ,Well some may see that the benefits of artificial intelligence may outweigh its negatives, but in my point of view, I was sure that nothing was perfect, and so The same applies to artificial intelligence As the old proverb says, "Wherever there is light, you will find darkness." Therefore, I would like to draw attention to the need to look at things more seriously and logically and to weigh the positives with the negatives before they praise anything Whether it's artificial intelligence or something else.
In this paragraph, I would like to say that artificial intelligence is a controversial and confusing topic ,Its advantages are many, great, such as increasing the accuracy of mathematical operations, or in the field of medicine and engineering, as well as in radio programs or art, But on the other hand, its drawbacks are frightening, As we said previously, it will play a major role in various fields and professions, and this will cause a decrease in the need for human labor and will increase unemployment and poverty, It may also cause a loss of meaning and purpose in some areas of art and professions ، I mean Art has always been associated with humans If artificial intelligence is able to create art, then art loses what distinguishes it most which is feelings, As everyone knows the human being is the most capable of expressing his feelings through art, but artificial intelligence does not have feelings to express them, so the content of his art will be only A form without purpose or meaning, Therefore some may think that it is wrong to use artificial intelligence in the production of art , Apart from the problem of art or the problem of job opportunities, artificial intelligence must enter into the fields of weapons and wars, and this will pose a threat to both humans and nature, Therefore, some may be confused as to which side they stand on, whether they stand with people who support artificial intelligence or with people who oppose it ،As for me, I will be in the category of people who will stand with the positive side, look to the future and aspire to reduce the negativity of artificial intelligence to the maximum extent.

In this last paragraph, I will say that the topic of artificial intelligence is the most exciting topic for me among all the topics , The difference in point of view and its multiplicity is what makes the topic enthusiastic and interesting ، So this was the perfect choice to write about for me, and here was the end of my point of view, thank you.