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I think that the idea with the greatest impact on nepotism will be the idea of ​​making all job... What should be done? 16/5/23
I see that your words are flawless and I agree with you completely, and I see that people who... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 16/5/23
The topic that aroused my mind and thinking, and I was quickly attracted to it, is the issue of... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 15/5/23
As for me, I will try my best if I have the strength to help my friends and family like others... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
As for me, I would like to propose a discussion that I had in class with the Arabic language... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
Hello, I have read all the steps and analyzed them from my own point of view, and I believe that... Where does nepotism start? 08/5/23
The discussion of this issue continued for a long time among the family members, and in the end... Student suggestion 04/5/23
I previously had information about artificial intelligence, but now I feel that I know much more... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
What I will write now will include the answer to the question of how can a difference be made if... Expert challenge: Earth Day 04/5/23
As for me, I don't think human or artificial intelligence has the right to steal other people's... Inspiration... or stealing? 03/5/23
In fact, I do not think that I object to artificial intelligence being able to produce art, but... Thinking questions 03/5/23
My family and I previously discussed in a discussion entitled "Is technological progress in the... Student suggestion 03/5/23
I agree because... Because discussions exchange points of view, opinions and ideas, and... Balanced discussions on the Hub 01/5/23
Did you have a discussion about kings in your class? Yes, actually since I entered middle... Reflect on the lesson! 25/4/23
I would like to point out that the existence of monarchical rule or republican rule both have... Suggest a discussion! 25/4/23
I live in Palestine and our government is republican and we do not have a ruling family, but in... The role of royals 24/4/23
In my opinion, strikes can be considered a means to obtain the demands of the employees, but the... Can everyone strike? 20/4/23
For me, my answer to the question should people in Metaverse be held to the same standards as... A new realm to rule? 20/4/23
Hello Rachel How did you reach this development? How did you bear the pressures? Was your... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 20/4/23
I agree because... In my opinion, the strike is a double-edged sword that has advantages and... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23