AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI and the arts is a very important issue at this current time made by multiple various computer programmes. My opinion on this topic of AI is mutual it is both good, bad and some even dangerous this is because AI can create loopholes which allows them to remember all questions someone has asked so depending on the questions they have asked it can learn to do things for an example it could learn to hack or break into websites to seek informations.Some reasons why it’s good and bad is because it can give good information or good art pieces and other things like that but the bad thing about that is that it some AI’s don’t tell or say who they got there information from or the art/ art style they got it from.Something I believe that someone should do or attempt to solve the problem of AI copywriting artist and all it’s information and only to be able to take things that someone has giving consent from the person who created the idea.Some examples of positives of AI and it’s arts are that AI is good for own current society with a good trustworthy source of information, help with good digital assistance like answering questions or giving ideas or things like art or music, a really helpful thing that AI’s can do and computers are that there is a huge reduction in human error and error in total, another helpful creation with AI’s is that it is available all the time all over the world this is very important the reason being is because some people are busy at a certain time so they have time to gather information.Some negatives about AI is that it doesn’t have that much rules and limits at this time it will answer most of the questions that are asked and it would be controlled by the programme like earlier said in the introduction that AI’s are smart enough to create loopholes of what they are asked they will develop unwanted strategies this could end up to them possibly changing their programme to what they want. This is very dangerous and should have more security and coding of the AI’s programme. In conclusion my now changed opinion is that AI’s are both good but mostly dangerous at this time because we are recently new to this type of AI.