AI and the Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai and the arts

Recently, ai has been used much more often for good use and unfortunately bad. The way AI has been used positively is by people just making images or using a cartoon characters voice to make a funny video for others to enjoy, however people can also use it for negative things like taking someone's voice, calling a family member of theirs and demanding money saying that the person has been kidnapped and making their voice say things like “help, please pay” e.t.c

Some people may not intend to use this negatively but people have also been using singers' voices to make songs which can lead to copyright and furthermore consequences. There are now AI robots being created. The positives about it is that people won't have to work as hard and their job days will be shortened because of the faster work. A negative about it is that younger people will find it more difficult to find jobs because they don't know much about the job whereas the robots are made to do the work, meaning people will start losing their jobs as the AI robots will just be doing the work instead of them.

In my opinion I think ai can be good and bad because of those reasons but I generally think it is cool because you can ask it to for example generate a photo and it will generate what you asked for. I think the fact that the robots can do things for us could affect people negatively because loads of people will lose their jobs, i think that instead of making them do it instead of people they can make them do jobs for elderly people which can just help them out and for the retired people the bots can earn money for them

As AI progresses, people might start having them in their homes but a negative about this is that the obviously have to have cameras so they know what they are doing which can make the people in the house feel unsafe and watched. The positives is that more things would get done around the house without any hussle.