ai and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai (artificial intelligence) and the arts should be banned because it is stealing art from people that are posting their work online for other people to see and the AI program is stealing that work for someone else and that person is using it. There is a range of perspectives of why people are using an ai program to generate art like to cheat in a competition and there are a lot of other reasons why people would generate art using an ai program. The people that have created the art are having that stolen from them from an artificial intelligence program to be used as someone else's work and the person using that program is not giving that person that originally made the art the credit for that piece of work.

People that are affected by the ai program are going to feel angry and a bit happy because if people are willing to steal that person's work it means the ai program thinks the was good but the person using the program should be worried because the person that created the art originally can sue the person that used the program could of used google to search an image and drew that instead of the program and submitted that if they were in a competition but if they were not they can do it for fun and i don't think that is fare as some people have worked.

In my opinion i think that artificial intelligence should not have been created because it is very dangerous and the ai can steal peoples are which shouldn’t be a thing because it is stealing art